The 10 Best Burgers in New York!

Summer and grilling go hand in hand, but regardless of the weather outside, a good burger always hits the spot.  I stumbled upon a list of The 10 best burgers of New York!  From Buffalo, Syracuse, Massapequa, and of course New York City, all of these burgers have their own claim to why they are on this list curated by Lauren Itzia of Americantowns Media.  It wasn’t any surprise to me that my favorite go to for a burger in NYC was on the list, B&B Winepub, formally Burger & Barrel.

B&B does more than make a great burger.  The burgers here literally have earned a wall of trophies from the annual Burger Bash 6 times in a row.  They are not the first thing you notice when you walk through the door, but after having one, you certainly understand why they are all there by the time you take one bite. 

B&B captures the casual luxe vibe you would expect from a Soho Restaurant.  The mid-century décor has just the right amount of flair to raise the bar on your standard gastropub and it comes with no pretention from the staff whatsoever.  Their famous Bash Burger comes with a bacon, onion, & red wine jam that will knock you off your feet and when you pair it with their sparkling chardonnay or any of their wines on tap you cannot go wrong. 

What I like most about B&B is that it offers you a high level of service with a high quality menu and maintains a cool factor that will have you wanting to come back every time you get a craving for a really good meal. The vibe is classy, casual, and comfortable and is my number 1 of this Top Ten.