Top 10 Burgers in Connecticut!


It wouldn’t be right for me to spotlight the best of New York and leave out the place that for so many years I’ve called home. Good food hardly stops at the NYC borders, especially when it comes to great burgers.  I’ve put together my own Top Ten List of The Best Burgers in Connecticut.  Each of these gems has something special to offer and with their twist on taking a classic American meal to the grill. 


1. Prime 16

Prime 16 offers a variety of decadent combinations and recipes for burgers that will appeal to every appetite, and if you decide to create your own burger, the possibilities are exponential.  Pretzel Roll, Grilled Pineapple, Avocado Ranch, and Ground Bison are just a few of the gourmet ingredients in this New Haven Tap House. 

2. burgers. beer. bourbon

No Hormones, No Antibiotics. Only fresh ground beef that their in house butchers prepare just before hitting the grill and onto your plate. is all about bringing people together who share a common love for these three things in a fun, communal environment. 

3. White Horse Country Pub

If I could use one word to describe the burgers White Horse Country Pub offers, it would be “DECADENT.”  My personal favorite is the Burger Au Poivre, topped with watercress, Dijon, Cognac, and a peppercorn sauce, but all 8 of these burgers really take it to the next level.  A must. 

4. Hapa Food Truck

This small mobile kitchen proves that you do not need a lot of décor and space to make your mark in serving great tasting food.  The Hapa Food Truck is the perfect combination of Asian Pacific Cuisine and American Street Food.  Their burgers are served on an ube (purple yam) brioche bun that gives a hint of sweetness and a pop of color that makes these burgers magical. 

5. Shake Shack

There aren’t many restaurants that have created a buzz like Shake Shake has over the years, and their location in Westport not only has fantastically fun food but also donates a 5% of their sales to The Hole in Wall Gang Camp, a nonprofit dedicated to healing ill children and families of the Westport community.

6. The Colombian Hot Dog

The new kid on the block, opened earlier this year offers one of the most interesting burgers on the list.  TheSuper Colombian Burger from this with toppings true to its name. The Colombian burger comes stacked with ham, shredded cheese, caramelized onions, quail egg, and five sauces!

7. Ted’s Restaurant

People may have their opinions, but there’s something to be said about traditions that stay true to its roots.  While Ted’s may not be known for offering the fanciest burger out there, their steamed burgers hands down one of the things that you have to experience for yourself if you’re ever in Connecticut.  For over 50 years, Ted’s has been famous for their steamed cheeseburger and will always be on my top ten list.

8. The Whelk

When you’re most famous for your seafood, if you’re going to have a burger as a staple on your menu it better be able to swim with the big fish.  The Whelks Dry Aged Cheeseburger does not disappoint and delivers a creaminess that is sure to satisfy the beef eater at the table for sure.

9. Max Burger

West Hartford’s Max Burger has a burger that is perfect for any personality at the table.  Their daily specials add an extra layer of variety to the 17 takes on what a burger can be.

10. Haywire Burger Bar

The lamb burger at Haywire is the most mouth watering to me, but don’t let me stop you there.  They have 16 burgers and just as many sandwiches to choose from that will keep you coming back.